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Instructions for use of stainless steel portable pressure steam sterilizer

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2018/06/08 13:40
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1. Add water to the sterilizer and add water to the electric heat pipe (about 3 liters of water), the above water must...
1. Add water to the sterilizer and add water to the electric heat pipe (about 3 liters of water), the above water must be replenished for continuous use.
2. Sealing: the sterilized articles will be uniform, scattered orderly placed in the sterilization barrel and then put the sterilization barrel into the sterilizer, and the top cover, the steam hose into the sterilization barrel semi-circular groove. After aligning the upper and lower grooves, the butterfly nut is screwed symmetrically to meet the sealing requirements (the nut can be eliminated if there is leakage in use).
3. Heating: After electrifying and heating, put the vent valve holder in the vertical position of vent, let the sterilizer cold air overflow, when there is steam ejection, and then reset the vent valve holder. When the sterilization pressure reaches the required range, the sterilization time is calculated according to different items.
4. Drying: Steam exhaust valve in sterilizer can be exhausted after sterilizing instruments, dressings, utensils, etc. When the pressure gauge is reset to zero 1-2 minutes. Open the lid and continue heating 10min to achieve the purpose of drying.
Matters needing attention:
1. pay attention to water level before disinfection and avoid damage to empty beaker.
2. different articles should be classified and sterilized.
3. Check the pressure gauge regularly. When the pressure gauge pointer can not be reset and the reading is not accurate, the heat source should be cut off and the pressure gauge should be repaired or replaced in time.
4. when the sterilizer works, the staff should not leave the scene.
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Instructions for use of stainless steel portable pressure steam sterilizer