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Flying with Dreams

Developine through Self Reliance

Overcoming Difficulties We Advance Vigorously


2011--A new site is selected for the new plant construction.

2012-- Introduced CNC Punch from Germany and Panasonic welding robots.

2013--Movedto No 38. Yungu Road in Changshou and held 15th aniversary celebration obtaininghigh-tech enterprises cerificate in Jiangsu Province.

2014--Developeda large pulsating vacuum sterilize and obtained the relevant registration certificate

2015--Won the bid for Ethiopian project of 2000 units vertical and portable sterilizers

2016--The annual outputreaches more than 40.000 units, and estabished 20 branch offices

2017--The 20th anniversary celebration


2001--One of the first licensees of medical equipment manufacturing and receivers of portable, vertical strilizer registration card.

2002--Land was purchalag for the new producing location.

2003--The company moved to the East Zone of Chengjiang industrial Park of Jiangyin.

2004--Developed table top steam sterilizer

2005--The 8th anniversary celebration.

2006--The company obtained the manufacturing license for pressurized vossels.

2007--Developed a number of horizontal steam sterilizers.

2008--Obtain the test certificate for simple structure pressurized vessels.

2009--Won the bid of World Bank, which provided more than 1600 sets of vertical sterilizers on Ethiopian supporting project More than 1,00o sets of verticarsterilizers and 10O00 sets of potable sterilizers were purchased respectivelyby the governments of Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi and Gansu provinces.

2010--Won theblds of Guangxi, Sichuan governments for more than 6,Ooo desktop sterlizers and over10o0o sets of portable sterilizers


1997--Site was selected for the factoryat Binjiang Development Zone and business license was obtained.

1998--Jiangyin Binjiang Medical Equipment actory was established.

1999--China's first horizontally moving verticaL steam sterilizer
was developed.

2000--Developed a number ofvertical steam sterilizers.



Pioneering from Humble Business





Creating an internationalbrand and a time-honored enterprise



Accurate/ efficient/pragmatic/easy
Opportunities come from performance

For 20 years.
We have bulit an image of"steady, honest and reliable" for our enterprise
It is inseparable from the heritage and support of the excellent culture, which comprises:
One dream:
Realize the value and take the responsibilities
Two basic rules:
Obey the lows of economic, and realize the economic value rationally.
Three factors to success:
Continuous studying, high eficency. and perseverance.
Centering four cores:
The customers' demand, the solution of the revealed problem, production standard, and the products
Five tools:
Be the best in 6 aspects, eight methods, WeChat group, meeting interaction, collective decision- making

We are committed to heritage and innovating excellent corporate culture
Binjiang business has a dream to provide ideological support and motivation