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WG-C Series Pure Steam Sterilizer

This series of pulsation vacuum sterilizer applies saturated steam as its sterilization medium. The saturated steam releases a large amount of latent heated physical properties in the stage of condensation, which presents items to be sterilized with a state of high temperature and humidity. After a period of insulation in such status, sterilization is achieved. The application of pulsating vacuum exhausting has successfully eliminated temperature influence from cold air, and helping the sterilized items to be dried by means of vacuum and dehumidification between the jacket layers.
Applicable for equipment and devices requiring high temperature sterilization and dry cooling process for products like sterile clothing and filling apparatus, which are usually equipped in areas where sterilization requirements reach Level 100 and other areas requiring high environmental standards. It has been widely used in pharmaceutical, medical, and scientific research projects.


Main Parameters and Utilities

Size & Utilities

Structure and Characteristic of The Equipment

Body of the sterilizer:
  ◎it is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB150 "the Pressure Vessel”, and TSG R0004-2009 the “Safety and Technology Specification for Fixed Monitor Pressure Vessels” and related
inspection procedures.
  ◎Tank of the horizontal rectangular double-deck structure is made from S31603.
  ◎Door sealing: Pneumatic sealing; both doors are interlocked and completely conform to the requirements of the specification.
  ◎The equipment has standard GMP authentication interface.
Sterilizer piping system: the pipeline is designed with the best configuration. By employing imported parts and quality domestic brands into main components, this system presents online sterilization option.
Sterilizer control system: with the adoption of Siemens PLC plus Siemens touch screen, this system is easy to implement the program selection, parameter setting, equipment operation, report processing and other functions. It has perfect safety measures. The F0 value and the temperature time gives double guarantee for sterilization. A single parameter control is also available. It has a perfect sterilization records.

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